Reusch Pure Contact II G3 Speed Bump GK Gloves

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Cut Evolution Negative Cut, in which the internal surface of the glove is more reduced therefore it adheres more to the palm and fingers obtaining a greater adjustment. It also offers a greater surface of latex.

Reusch introduces the new latex G3 Speedbump. The German brand combines two layers of latex G3, achieving a 3D finish that provides greater friction with the ball, thus reducing the speed and rotation of the same.

Minimalist design in black combined with fluorine yellow, for those goalkeepers who want a light glove, which offers direct contact with the ball, as if it were a second skin.

These Reusch goalkeeper gloves feature professional performance characteristics. Elastic and flexible body that offers great comfort to the goalkeeper

Technology that results from the injection of an additional layer of latex into the foam of the palm of the glove, offering greater friction of the glove with the ball, which leads to greater control and better grip. In addition, the geometrically placed SpeedBump elements offer the goalkeeper greater sensitivity and feel when in contact with the ball

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